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A full length play for 3f & 2m (Doubling) by Tony Breeze ISBN: 9781872758220


An old, wheelchair-bound, visually handicapped man is looking for a personal assistant to look after him in his retirement and an applicant arrives to be interviewed for the job.  He seems to fit the bill and is taken on for a trial period.  His first task is to take the old man out for a walk in his wheelchair through the countryside towards the nearby cliff-tops.  As they walk we see flashbacks of a time when the old man was younger and worked as the Principal of a college.  We then see that one of his employees was a would-be novelist whose career frustration led to him using the college photocopier without permission and who the Principal was therefore forced to dismiss.  As we come to the end of Act One we learn that the personal assistant is in fact none other than the same aggrieved ex-employee who has now come back in disguise with thoughts of revenge.