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A full length play for 2f & 2m (+2 non/sp) by Tony Breeze ISBN: 9781872758091


 A middle-aged writer returns home to his brother who is looking after their dying father.  The writer left home at an early age to find fame and fortune while the other brother, who was equally talented musically, stayed to look after the ageing parents.  The writer and the brother's wife do not get on and he has thoughtlessly invited his young actress girlfriend to the house.  The stress of looking after the old man builds to a climax at the end of the first act when the stay-at-home brother suggests that the only way out of their predicament is euthanasia.  While they are arguing about whether to do such a thing the decision is taken away from them as the old man dies a natural death

 In the second act the funeral places further stresses on the family as the writer mourns his father and the actress finds out that her boyfriend hasn’t seen his own son by his first marriage for a number of years.  She tries to make him face up to his responsibilities and at the end of the play the stay-at-home brother turns down an opportunity to make a break and the writer learns several painful home truths and is finally re-united with the son he hasn’t seen for so long

(This play was chosen from 150 scripts to reach the final of the Pittsburgh 2,000 New Play Festival, first read in public in the UK at the Questors Theatre, Ealing, London and published in Holland & Belgium by Vink & Co.)