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A musical comedy by Tony Breeze ISBN: 978187275824X


The local drama group are just about to stage their next production when an old man who is the hall caretaker  interrupts events when he comes in with his grandchildren and asks if the group are willing to show his magic lantern slides on the ancient wooden projector that he's clutching.  Naturally the producer politely refuses but then there is a strange and unexpected power cut and they need something as a fill-in very quickly.  Lo and behold, the caretaker's old projector doesnt need electricity so the group are forced to let him show his slides of his past life while they ad lib musical songs of the era around him.  At the end they find the cause of the power cut and just who caused it.

(First performed in 1980 by Burton Joyce Players, Nottingham with old songs that are freely performable as out of copyright period)